What Activity Am I Allowed After Colon Cancer Surgery?

Dr. Kim discusses activity after colon cancer

colon cancer surgerySurgery to remove colon cancer is a common course of treatment. While many patients are anxious, and rightfully so, it’s important to realize that for surgeons these procedures are routine and many people have undergone them. It’s important to consider not only the surgery, but what life is like afterward.

Many people wonder when they will be able to return to their daily routine after colon cancer surgery. In this video, Dr. Eugene Kim discusses activity after colon cancer.

Eugene M. Kim MD:  In general as I tell most patients that after their colon operation which is abdominal surgery for the most part, when they are going home and they are recovering after the hospital, they are going to have to take it easy for approximately two to six weeks. 

Mainly no heavy lifting over 10 to 15 pounds, but pretty much to back to normal activity in terms of light activity, walking, stairs, driving pretty soon after the surgery when they are off their pain medications and things like that.  We will see them in the office approximately two weeks after the surgery is done and if they are doing well, we will start to having them increased their activity slowly from there. 

For the most part, most patients are resuming full normal activity, exercise approximately four to six weeks after their colon operation.

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