Advice for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One to Colon Cancer

Chris4Life founder Michael Sapienza offers advice for coping.

Michael Sapienza, founder and executive director of the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation, shares his advice for those who have lost a loved one to colon cancer.

Michael Sapienza:  Hello, my name is Michael Sapienza and I am the executive director and founder of the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation.  The best advice I can give for someone who has lost the loved one to colon cancer is to take a breath first and the second thing I would say is to make sure that you allow yourself to be sad.  I remember right after my mom passed, I got that advice, I don’t remember from who, but I almost felt guilty for grieving or for being sad or for having feelings that aren’t normal and I think the best thing that I could do for myself, for my family, for Chris4Life was to allow myself to take time and to grieve.  It is not an easy thing.  No matter who it is, everybody has different ways of grieving.  For me, it was starting something that took my mind off of losing one of the best people that I had ever met in my entire life.  For you, it may not be that.  For you, it may be diving into something else or not diving into something else and just taking a little break and deciding what it is that you really want to do.  I do think having distractions is always a wonderful thing as well, keeping yourself surrounded by family and friends, people that you love is extremely important.  I know that for me, the foundation and Chris4Life has been such a blessing and allowing me to meet people like you who have also lost the loved one.  Although it is painful for me to see other people that have lost loved ones, it also comforts me to know that I can be there for them at a certain time in their life.

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Michael Sapienza
After losing his mother to colon cancer in May of 2009, Mr. Sapienza decided to dedicate himself to this cause by founding the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation. Under his leadership, Chris4life has become one of the nation’s leading colorectal cancer foundations, raising nearly $1 million in under two years.
Michael Sapienza

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