How AliveandKickn Spreads a Unique Blend of Colon Cancer Advocacy

Dave Dubin talks about how AliveandKickn spreads colon cancer advocacy

aliveandkicknWhile there are several groups that work to further colon cancer advocacy, none do it like AliveandKickn.

Center to AliveandKickn is two-time colon cancer survivor Dave Dubin.

Dave has made it his life’s mission to help spread the word that colon cancer screening is so very important.

As a result, Dave has become a bit of a celebrity survivor. We’re honored to work with him.

For more on AliveandKickn, check out Dave Dubin in this video:

Video Transcript

Dave Dubin:  So, AliveandKickin is our advocacy program.  Well, as I like to say I am literally and figuratively alive and kicking and obviously, I have had multiple surgeries and multiple tumors and I still play soccer.  Hence, the name and a couple of years ago before we started Alive N Kickin, we looked at statistics and we were surprised that we didn’t get the memo at a time and considering how much we have been involved with colon cancer, we had no idea and we should have.  My wife and I run a business.  We run several business and we are notorious for trying to solve problems, so we kind of looked at the colon cancer world and then in the genetics world and said what’s missing and to an extent, may be the celebrity survivor was missing. 

We are not pink and must be honest even with the prostate cancer, that’s many people waving the flag, so to speak, so I kind of put my salesman hat on and my soccer hat on and say how could we go about raising awareness in a such a fashion that we reach a younger audience an under 50 market, women as well as men and multiple ethnicities and we came back to soccer, so you think I could do what I love and actually raise awareness and raise funds for colon cancer and we said sure, no one else was doing it, so that’s what we have done and we have developed relationships with pro-teams, college teams.  We do small events, larger events, and we play the game of soccer for awareness and funds and it’s kind of wild. 

I don’t know.  I go to all these events.  I mean I go to 5ks and I go to walks and conferences including doctors and you know gastroenterology nurses.  You name it and people want to take their picture with me and they want me to sign stuff and they want to talk and they want to hug and I am okay with it.  It’s funny.  I look at myself from the marketing standpoint and make a good spokesperson.  I do voice overs.  I look okay on camera.  I look okay in person.  I smile a lot and I have a good life, so it’s me up front, but it’s other people coordinating my roles if I am allowed to say it that way, so it’s my message.  It’s my face.  It’s my voice with everyone around me making sure that everyone gets a positive vibe and experience from interacting with Alive N Kickin and we always say it’s a place where people should want to be.  If they don’t want to be there, then that’s fine and if they don’t play soccer, that’s also fine that doesn’t matter, it is just my thing, but you know soccer has a following in the US.  It’s a largest youth sports in terms of growth and probably out down numbers at this point, so it’s growing, and growing and growing and just like colon cancer, the numbers are statistically warranted, but from an awareness standpoint, both colon cancer and soccer in the US produce a boost.

David Dubin

David Dubin

David Dubin is a three time colon cancer survivor and founder of Alive and Kickn, a foundation for colon cancer and genetic colon cancer. The foundation uses soccer games as a method awareness and fundraising.

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