Why Do Young People Get Colon Cancer?

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Dr. Lenz explains that colon cancer doesn’t just affect those in middle age and beyond. It’s no secret that many younger people take risks with their health and believe that diseases like colon cancer won’t occur until they are safely into middle age. While this may be true for some, for many young people colon […]

Finding a Cure for Colon Cancer with The Wunder Project


How does the Wunder Project approach finding a cure for colon cancer? Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz is a professor of medicine whose focus is to understand the molecular makeup of colon cancer. By understanding the molecular makeup of cancer, doctors can better understand how the cancer functions and develop new treatment options. Gloria Borges, a young […]

What Newly Diagnosed Colon Cancer Patients Need to Know


What do newly diagnosed colon cancer patients need to know? A colon cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event will catch anyone by surprise. Newly diagnosed colon cancer patients may not know what their next step is, or what options may be available to them. Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz of The Wunder Project offers some advice for […]

What is the Most Important Part of a Colon Cancer Prognosis?

colon cancer prognosis

Many patients of course are concerned about their colon cancer prognosis.  There are different ways to evaluate the prognosis of patients, the most important of course is the staging of disease. Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz of The Wunder Project explains that over the last ten years, overall survival has surpassed 30 months, two-and-a-half-years which is unheard […]

New Colon Cancer Treatment Technologies


What are some new colon cancer treatment technologies? In the past few years, many new colon cancer treatment technologies that test the molecular and genetic makeup of tumors have debuted on the medical scene. Personalized oncology is becoming more and more prevalent in the realm of new colon cancer treatments. Researchers have gained a lot […]

The Importance of Funding Cancer Research

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Why is funding cancer research important? Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz discusses the need for funding cancer research. Much of the success in the fight against cancer in the United States has been a result of the Nixon Cancer Act of the 1970s. This act was fundamental in developing cancer centers with doctors from different disciplines working […]

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