The Risks of Colonoscopy


What are the risks of colonoscopy? Risks of colonoscopy are sometimes overshadowed by their importance in detecting colon cancer early. Every medical procedure has its risks, including colonoscopy. However, a modern colonoscopy is an extremely safe procedure when done by the right professional. Dr. Jeffrey Weber discusses some of the risks of colonoscopy in this […]

Can I Get Colon Cancer Without Polyps?


Cases of colon cancer without polyps are very rare. TheĀ link between colon polyps and colon cancerĀ is pretty clear in the medical community. Colon polyps can eventually lead to colon cancer, which is why early screening is so critical. But instances of colon cancer developing without first appearing as polyps are very rare. Colon cancer without […]

What Should I Know About Colon Polyps?

colon cancer polyps

Colon polyps are something nearly everyone will face. Many people wonder about the link between colon polyps and colon cancer. However, polyps are something nearly everyone will face. The development of colon polyps are considered a natural part of aging, though the number of them is generally a result of genetics. Colon polyps are generally […]

How Colonoscopy Preparation Has Changed

colonoscopy preparation

Colonoscopy prep has come a long way. When people think about colon cancer screening, colonoscopy preparation is usually the first thing that springs to mind. It seems like everyone has heard a horror story about how terrible the preparation is. Gallons of chalky liquid, fasting and discomfort are thought of to be the norm. However, […]

How Do Colon Cancer Symptoms Develop and Progress?

colon cancer symptoms

Colon cancer symptoms explained. Colon cancer symptoms can differ greatly from one person to another. This is because no two cancers are exactly the same and symptoms are often related to the way the tumor develops. Two people that have colon cancer may experience totally different symptoms at differing times of disease development. If you […]

What if I Have a Family History of Colon Cancer?

family history of colon cancer

Family history of colon cancer and screening guidelines explained. Many who have a loved one with colon cancer wonder what their risk level is. It is no secret that if you have a family history of colon cancer you should be screened early and often. However, many people aren’t sure if they are the right […]

Who Should Get a Colonoscopy?

diet during colon cancer

How does colonoscopy help prevent colon cancer? Colon cancer is the number two killer in the United States. It is a treatable disease and can be prevented in many circumstances. The screening process for colon cancer usually requires a colonoscopy. This is an invasive procedure which should only be done by an expert. Colonoscopy allows […]

How Polyps are Related to Colon Cancer


What is the relationship between colon polyps and colon cancer? It is common for people to develop colon polyps. 50% of men and 40% of women at age 50 already have polyps in their colon. Though 99% of these growths will be cancer free, there is a relationship between colon polyps can colon cancer. Polyps […]

What Can I Expect from Colonoscopy Preparation?


Colonoscopy preparation explained. Colonoscopy is generally a painless and extremely safe procedure. Preparation for these procedures can vary greatly in both cost and composition. Dr. Jeffrey Weber talks about the colonscopy preparation and what patients can expect from the treatment. The colonoscopy is a very important screening tool for colon cancer. Doctors must be able […]

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