Personalizing Treatment with the Oncotype DX Colon Cancer Assay


How does the Oncotype DX Colon Cancer Assay help doctors personalize treatment? The Oncotype DX Colon Cancer Assay is a molecular test. It is changing the way doctors treat different cancers. This test gets doctors critical information on the genetic makeup of your cancer. With this knowledge, doctors can predict how your cancer will grow […]

Passing Knowledge on to Colon Cancer Doctors


What wisdom do you pass to other colon cancer doctors? A good doctor stays well-informed on his or her discipline. They do this by reading, attending seminars, and talking with other doctors. More experienced doctors can offer wisdom to lesser experienced doctors. Dr. Mark Kozloff talks about the types of things he discusses with fellow […]

Ordering the Colon Cancer Assay


How do doctors order the Colon Cancer Assay? Molecular testing is becoming more and more useful in cancer treatment. The Colon Cancer Assay is one such test. Doctors learn about the genetic makeup of each patient’s specific type of cancer. With this knowledge, a personalized treatment strategy can be developed. Is the Oncotype DX Colon […]

Who Can Benefit from the Oncotype DX Colon Cancer Test?

colon cancer caregiving

What makes a good candidate for the Oncotype DX colon cancer test? Are you wondering if you’re a good candidate for the Oncotype DX test for colon cancer? Looking for some answers? Dr. Mark Kozloff has got them in this video. Not everyone can benefit from this test, but those that do can have some […]

How Does the Oncotype DX Test Work?


How do you explain the Oncotype DX test to your patients? The Oncotype DX test is changing the way doctors treat various cancers. The ins and outs of the assay are complicated and can be difficult to explain. Essentially, the Oncotype DX test helps doctors see the genetic makeup of individual cancers. This information allows […]

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