Am I at Risk for Cancer If I Don’t Follow an Organic Food Diet?

Organic Food

Am I at Risk for Cancer If I Don’t Eat Organic Food? Eating organic foods have become more popular than ever. Society is being more careful about what they put into their bodies. But what does eating organic  mean to you as far as your cancer risk? Dr. Brian Lawenda says that whenever possible, you […]

Will All Colon Cancer Patients Need Chemotherapy?

colon cancer chemotherapy

Is It True That All Colon Cancer Patients Need Chemotherapy? Many of our viewers have asked us about treatments for colon cancer at it’s different stages. We met with the Associate Professor of Oncology from the Mayo Clinic College Dr. George Kim to help explain the stages of colon cancer and if all colon cancer […]

Will Salt Increase Cancer Risk?

salt increase cancer

Does Salt Increase Cancer Risk? Salt, scientifically known as sodium chloride, is a mineral essential to life. Although the overconsumption of salt is becoming increasingly common in the American diet. We know that most common side effects of consuming salt is hypertension and high blood pressure. But how does this affect our cancer risk? Will […]

How Does Eating Fruits and Vegetables Affect My Cancer Risk?

eating fruits and vegetables

Will Eating Fruits and Vegetables Lower My Cancer Risk? All our life we’ve heard, “Make sure to eat your greens.” Maybe you’ve even heard, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But how does the consumption of fruits and vegetables affect our cancer risk? This is a question 21st Century Oncology’s Dr. Brian Lawenda […]

What Are My Rights If I Participate in a Cancer Clinical Trial?


Joyce Schaffer explains patient rights in cancer clinical trials When a person enrolls in a clinical trial, they signed a consent. There are laws to protect people who enrolling the clinical trial. When they start on the clinical trial, they can stop at any time they want. Physicians will not force them to do anything. […]

What Are the Benefits of Participating in a Cancer Clinical Trial?

radiation therapy for colon cancer

Joyce Schaffer talks about the benefits of participating in a cancer clinical trial The benefit of going on a clinical trial is that yes you are often getting a higher level of care than at a regular oncologist, because physicians are watching you very closely. You are also helping gather data for this specific molecule, […]

What Are Cancer Clinical Trials?

side effects of radiation therapy for colon cancer

Joyce Schaffer gives a brief overview of cancer clinical trials Cancer clinical trials are very different than regular clinical trials for other diseases or conditions. They are certainly not the last-ditch effort that many people think. Specifically, when it comes to cancer clinical trials, doctors are looking at molecules for patients who have advanced cancer […]

Overview: What is Colorectal Surgery?

colon cancer surgery

Dr. Kim explains colorectal surgery In this video, Dr. Kim gives patients an overview of colorectal surgery, and the instances when it is performed. Dr. Kim stresses that colorectal surgery is often performed for even benign disease and removal of polyps, not just active disease. For many patients, colorectal surgery is the first step in […]

Will My Bowel Habits Change After Colon Cancer Surgery?


Dr. Kim gives an overview of bowel habit changes after colon cancer surgery Surgery is the most common mode of treatment for colon cancer. But, it can be a little intimidating, especially for people who have never undergone any kind of surgery. One of the most common questions patients have is about their bowel habits […]

How Long Will I Have to Stay in the Hospital After Colon Cancer Surgery?


Dr. Kim discusses factors that determine hospital stay after colon cancer surgery. Surgery is the main form of treatment for colon cancer. The part of the bowel containing the cancer is removed and the two ends of the bowel are then joined together. If it is not possible to rejoin the two ends then a […]

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