How Can I Prepare for Colon Cancer Surgery?

Dr. Eugene Kim details how patients can prepare for colon cancer surgery

colon cancer surgeonIt goes without saying that you should try to be as healthy as possible before undergoing colon cancer surgery.

This of course means different things for different patients, but being as healthy as you can will only make the process easier.

The chief thing you can do is cut back or quit tobacco, if you are a smoker. That’s good advice in general.

If you have an exercise routine, keep it up right until surgery. Even small steps can pay big dividends.

For more, watch Dr. Eugene Kim in this video.

Eugene M. Kim MD:  Generally, we tell them to do is to maintain a healthy lifestyle in general.  No major changes except for a couple of things, one is if they are active tobacco users, nicotine users even if you stop it before short time, before your colon operation, it has been shown that you will do better after your colon surgery.  We will all know the negative effects of smoking and tobacco, so even for a short period of time whether it is one or two weeks, if you stop the smoking or you decrease it, it can be helpful for your after surgery recovery and also other things such as alcohol intake, etc., but aside from that generally eating healthy, keeping a healthy lifestyle, your exercise routine, if you have one is all we recommend.

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