Hangouts on Air: What Newly Diagnosed Colon Cancer Patients Need to Know with Dr. Shalina Gupta-Burt


Recently, Colon Cancer Answers conducted a Google+ Hangout on Air with Dr. Shalina Gupta-Burt of Menorah Medical Center in Overland Park, Kansas. Dr. Gupta-Burt is board-certified in both internal medicine and radiation oncology. Dr. Gupta-Burt, certified to administer both chemotherapy and radiation therapy,  discusses through what a newly diagnosed colon cancer patients can expect and touches […]

How Will My Life Change after Chemotherapy for Colorectal Cancer?


What changes can I make to my daily habits after chemotherapy for colorectal cancer? Patients currently receiving chemotherapy for colorectal cancer often wonder how their lives will change during treatment. Dr. Christopher Lieu tells patients that each case is different. His job is to balance an aggressive treatment plan with the patient’s quality of life. […]

Does Chemotherapy Lower the Risk of Recurrence of Colorectal Cancer?


How chemotherapy can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer recurrence. Sometimes tiny tumor cells are left inside a patient after a colorectal cancer surgery. These cells can continue to grow and may lead to a recurrence of the disease. Dr. Christopher Lieu talks about how doctors use chemotherapy to lower the risk of recurrence of […]

Lowering the Risk of Recurrence after Chemotherapy

lowering recurrence after chemotherapy

Tips for lowering the risk of recurrence after chemotherapy. It is common for patients to ask about lowering the risk of recurrence after chemotherapy for early stage colon cancer. Doctors will suggest that simple lifestyle habits learned in elementary school still apply today. Eating a healthy, low-fat diet and exercising regularly will assist in lowering […]

Living with Lynch Syndrom and Surviving Colon Cancer Twice


Danielle Burgess was diagnosed with colon cancer while she was in high school. After beating the disease, she was diagnosed a second time at age 25. Danielle later discovered she has Lynch Syndrome, a hereditary disease that increases the likelihood of many types of cancer in patients with the disease. Danielle Burgess: My name is […]

Living with Stage Four Colon Cancer


Just looking at her, you would never guess that Gloria Borges is living with stage four colon cancer. She is lively, energetic, and to-the-point. Only a few years ago she was working her way up in her law firm with long hours and heavy cases. But when she was 28, she began feeling symptoms that […]

Stage Four Colon Cancer Treatment Experience


Gloria Borges takes us through her stage four colon cancer treatment experience from treatment to recovery, including how she continues to live each day to the fullest. “My treatment path has been long and arduous, but it really hasn’t stopped me from living a full, complete, and happy life,” says Gloria Borges. Gloria describes her […]

How the Treatment for Colon Cancer is Different from Other Cancers

Dr. Tomislav Dragovich Colon Cancer

A lot of people believe that cancer is only one disease and so the treatment is always the same. That is not the case. Dr. Tomislav Dragovich discusses the different treatments for colon cancer and some side effects that are specific to colon cancer treatment. “Many people come with an impression that cancer is one […]

Are You a Candidate for Chemotherapy?

Dr. Tomislav Dragovich Colon Cancer

Determining whether or not chemotherapy is right for a patient depends on many factors. Dr. Tomislav Dragovich discusses some things that are important to consider. Dr. Tomislav Dragovich discusses what determines whether chemotherapy is the right choice for patients. Benefits and risks must be considered for each patient on an individual basis. One of the […]


Dr. Tomislav Dragovich Colon Cancer

Some methods of chemotherapy treatment requires the use of a port-a-cath. Dr. Tomislav Dragovich explains what these devices are and what life is like wearing one. Port-a-caths are used often for extended chemotherapy treatment. Port-a-catheters are portable catheters that create an easy intravenous access for patients and health care professionals. These catheters allow patients to […]

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