Will All Colon Cancer Patients Need Chemotherapy?

colon cancer chemotherapy

Is It True That All Colon Cancer Patients Need Chemotherapy? Many of our viewers have asked us about treatments for colon cancer at it’s different stages. We met with the Associate Professor of Oncology from the Mayo Clinic College Dr. George Kim to help explain the stages of colon cancer and if all colon cancer […]

What Are My Rights If I Participate in a Cancer Clinical Trial?


Joyce Schaffer explains patient rights in cancer clinical trials When a person enrolls in a clinical trial, they signed a consent. There are laws to protect people who enrolling the clinical trial. When they start on the clinical trial, they can stop at any time they want. Physicians will not force them to do anything. […]

What Are the Benefits of Participating in a Cancer Clinical Trial?

radiation therapy for colon cancer

Joyce Schaffer talks about the benefits of participating in a cancer clinical trial The benefit of going on a clinical trial is that yes you are often getting a higher level of care than at a regular oncologist, because physicians are watching you very closely. You are also helping gather data for this specific molecule, […]

What is Minimally Invasive Colon Cancer Surgery?


Dr. Kim gives an overview of minimally invasive colon cancer surgery What is minimally invasive colon cancer surgery? Minimally invasive colon cancer  surgery means uses smaller incisions and special instruments and for the patient what theoretically mean that they have a quicker recovery, better scar, less pain overall and most patients will get out of […]

What Pain Medications Will I Be Using After Colon Cancer Surgery?

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Dr. Kim gives an overview of pain medications that are used after colon cancer surgery Pain medications play a big role in post-surgical recovery. When used as directed, pain medications allow patients to be much more comfortable after surgery, and can give some semblance of normalcy in the first week or so after the surgery. […]

What Activity Am I Allowed After Colon Cancer Surgery?

colon cancer surgery

Dr. Kim discusses activity after colon cancer Surgery to remove colon cancer is a common course of treatment. While many patients are anxious, and rightfully so, it’s important to realize that for surgeons these procedures are routine and many people have undergone them. It’s important to consider not only the surgery, but what life is […]

Is a Naturopathic Oncologist a Complementary or a Lead Role?

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Dr. Paulson describes her role as a naturopathic oncologist Naturopathic oncology is the application of the art and science of naturopathic medicine to the field of cancer care and treatment. People are increasingly turning to holistic methods to complement more traditional treatments. However, it’s wise to consult all members of your treatment team before choosing […]

Why is it Important to Have a Naturopathic Oncologist Work Alongside a Medical Oncologist?


Dr. Heather Paulson talks about the importance of having a naturopathic oncologist on your treatment team Taking an integrative approach to colon cancer is increasingly becoming mainstream. A holistic approach alongside a more traditional approach benefits patients greatly. Using all treatment options at your disposal during colon cancer is important, and it’s also important to […]

What is the Role of a Naturopathic Doctor in Colon Cancer Treatment?


Dr. Heather Paulson explains the role of a naturopathic doctor during colon cancer treatment Have you thought about seeing a naturopathic doctor (ND) as part of your colon cancer treatment? Natural remedies and methods are increasingly being used alongside more traditional approaches as part of a strategy to “treat the whole patient.” Far from herbal […]

The Risks of Colonoscopy


What are the risks of colonoscopy? Risks of colonoscopy are sometimes overshadowed by their importance in detecting colon cancer early. Every medical procedure has its risks, including colonoscopy. However, a modern colonoscopy is an extremely safe procedure when done by the right professional. Dr. Jeffrey Weber discusses some of the risks of colonoscopy in this […]

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