The Importance of Early Colon Cancer Screening


What is the importance of early colon cancer screening? Are you dreading your next colon cancer screening? Should you have gone in sooner? While these procedures may not be the most comfortable experience, they do save lives. How important is early colon cancer screening? Dr. Kelly Shimabukuro has seen her share of cancer patients. The […]

Will I Need Chemotherapy After Colon Cancer Surgery?

chemotherapy after colon cancer surgery

Dr. Mark Gimbel explains when chemotherapy after colon cancer surgery is considered. Nearly every colon cancer patient wants to know if they will need chemotherapy. It is one of the treatment options that many patients are most familiar with and dread. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by chemotherapy. Very few have positive views […]

Using the Recurrence Score to Determine Treatment Options


How do you use the recurrence score when choosing treatment options? Patients want all the facts they can get before making decision about their colon cancer treatment options. A patient’s recurrence score is a vital piece of information for doctors. Oncotype DX is a diagnostic test for patients who have been recently diagnosed with stage […]

Using the Oncotype DX Test for Early Stage Colon Cancer Patients


Dr. Mark Gimbel explains when physicians will typically order the Oncotype DX test for early stage colon cancer patients For early stage colon cancer patients, choosing the right course of treatment is critical. Many early stage colon cancer patients just assume that chemotherapy will be part of the journey. However, not all early stage colon […]

How the Oncotype DX Test Helps Patients and Doctors

stage ii colon cancer treatment

How do patients benefit from the Oncotype DX test? The Oncotype DX test has become a great asset in the fight against colon cancer. The test measures a group of cancer genes in tumors. This information helps doctors predict how the cancer will react to various treatments. Knowledge is power when it comes to treating […]

Survivor Describes His Stage II Colon Cancer Treatment

stage ii colon cancer treatment

 Dave Maret outlines his stage II colon cancer treatment Dave Maret was 66 when he was diagnosed with colon cancer, four months after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.  He was a bit overwhelmed at first and could think only of his father-in-law who had a full colon resection as part of his treatment. […]

Colon Cancer Treatment Options


How do you choose your colon cancer treatment options? Dave Maret was diagnosed with stage two colon cancer at the age of 66. He was taken aback by all the colon cancer treatment options his doctors told him were available. It’s easy to get lost in all the medical jargon. His wife was diagnosed with […]

Why is the Genetic Makeup of Colorectal Cancer Important?

colon cancer caregiving

Why the genetic makeup of colorectal cancer Matters Doctors have traditionally looked at cancerous areas of the body to determine the type of cancer they are dealing with.  Dr. James Posey explains why doctors are now looking at the genetic makeup of colorectal cancer to assess a treatment plan. Certain patterns in the genetic code […]

Advice for Newly Diagnosed Colon Cancer Patients


What advice would you offer for newly diagnosed colon cancer patients? Newly diagnosed colon cancer patients may be overwhelmed by their experience. Hearing from patients that have been through similar experiences can help new patients through their journey ahead in a healthy and productive manner.  Dan Clementi was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer at […]

The Benefits of Taking the Oncotype DX Test

dan clementi

The benefits of taking the Oncotype DX test explained. Dan Clementi had colon cancer surgery in 2010 and his doctor recommended the Oncotype DX test as part of his treatment. “The Oncotype DX test gave me a peace of mind,” he says. It’s been three years since Dan’s surgery and he is not showing any […]

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