Overview: What is Colorectal Surgery?

colon cancer surgery

Dr. Kim explains colorectal surgery In this video, Dr. Kim gives patients an overview of colorectal surgery, and the instances when it is performed. Dr. Kim stresses that colorectal surgery is often performed for even benign disease and removal of polyps, not just active disease. For many patients, colorectal surgery is the first step in […]

Will My Bowel Habits Change After Colon Cancer Surgery?


Dr. Kim gives an overview of bowel habit changes after colon cancer surgery Surgery is the most common mode of treatment for colon cancer. But, it can be a little intimidating, especially for people who have never undergone any kind of surgery. One of the most common questions patients have is about their bowel habits […]

How Long Will I Have to Stay in the Hospital After Colon Cancer Surgery?


Dr. Kim discusses factors that determine hospital stay after colon cancer surgery. Surgery is the main form of treatment for colon cancer. The part of the bowel containing the cancer is removed and the two ends of the bowel are then joined together. If it is not possible to rejoin the two ends then a […]

What is Minimally Invasive Colon Cancer Surgery?


Dr. Kim gives an overview of minimally invasive colon cancer surgery What is minimally invasive colon cancer surgery? Minimally invasive colon cancer ¬†surgery means uses smaller incisions and special instruments and for the patient what theoretically mean that they have a quicker recovery, better scar, less pain overall and most patients will get out of […]

How Can I Prepare for Colon Cancer Surgery?


Dr. Eugene Kim details how patients can prepare for colon cancer surgery It goes without saying that you should try to be as healthy as possible before undergoing colon cancer surgery. This of course means different things for different patients, but being as healthy as you can will only make the process easier. The chief […]

What Pain Medications Will I Be Using After Colon Cancer Surgery?

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Dr. Kim gives an overview of pain medications that are used after colon cancer surgery Pain medications play a big role in post-surgical recovery. When used as directed, pain medications allow patients to be much more comfortable after surgery, and can give some semblance of normalcy in the first week or so after the surgery. […]

What Activity Am I Allowed After Colon Cancer Surgery?

colon cancer surgery

Dr. Kim discusses activity after colon cancer Surgery to remove colon cancer is a common course of treatment. While many patients are anxious, and rightfully so, it’s important to realize that for surgeons these procedures are routine and many people have undergone them. It’s important to consider not only the surgery, but what life is […]

How Does Robotic Surgery for Colon Cancer Work?


Dr. Kim explains how robotic surgery for colon cancer works Surgical procedures have come a long way in the past 25 years. Once only a dream, robotic surgery for colon cancer is now a reality for thousands of patients a year. Robotic surgery is less invasive than open surgery, and patients enjoy shortened recovery time […]

The Risks of Colonoscopy


What are the risks of colonoscopy? Risks of colonoscopy are sometimes overshadowed by their importance in detecting colon cancer early. Every medical procedure has its risks, including colonoscopy. However, a modern colonoscopy is an extremely safe procedure when done by the right professional. Dr. Jeffrey Weber discusses some of the risks of colonoscopy in this […]

What to Look for in a Colon Cancer Surgeon?

colon cancer surgeon

Dr. Mark Gimbel discusses what¬†to look for in a colon cancer surgeon. It almost goes without saying that choosing a colon cancer surgeon is an important decision. Of course any colon cancer surgeon has the technical skills to get the job done but it is also important that you trust the surgeon and have an […]

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