How Does a Colon Cancer Diagnosis Affect My Family?

colonoscopy preparation

A colon cancer diagnosis can change everyone’s roles, not just the patient. So much changes after a colon cancer diagnosis. Not only is there a mountain of difficult information to process, but also emotional and familial changes to try to digest and accept. From parent to patient, spouse to caregiver, with a multitude of nuanced […]

What is the Recovery Time from Colon Cancer Surgery?

colon cancer surgery

Dr. Mark Gimbel breaks down recovery from colon cancer surgery. Surgery is a common route of treatment for many cases of colon cancer. Like many other areas of the medical community, colon cancer surgery has made tremendous strides in the past decade. In the past, open surgery was generally the only option. But many patients […]

Will I Need a Colostomy Bag After Colon Cancer Surgery?

colostomy bag

Dr. Mark Gimbel talks about when a colostomy bag is used after colon cancer surgery. Let’s be honest, most people are not very happy with the idea of carrying around a colostomy bag after a surgical procedure. That’s putting it lightly. However, many colon cancer patients assume that a colostomy bag will be part of […]

Using the Oncotype DX Test for Early Stage Colon Cancer Patients


Dr. Mark Gimbel explains when physicians will typically order the Oncotype DX test for early stage colon cancer patients For early stage colon cancer patients, choosing the right course of treatment is critical. Many early stage colon cancer patients just assume that chemotherapy will be part of the journey. However, not all early stage colon […]

April 2 Live Event: Answers For Newly Diagnosed Colon Cancer Patients


Answers for newly diagnosed colon cancer patients. Wednesday, April 2nd’s Hangout on Air was our first with our Medical Director, Dr. Shalina Gupta-Burt. Dr. Gupta-Burt covered a wide range of information for newly diagnosed colon cancer patients. In this live event, which you can watch in its entirety below, Dr. Gupta-Burt covered the steps of […]

What Happens if I Leave My Colon Cancer Untreated?


What can happen if colon cancer is left untreated Cancer is deadly. In many cases if cancer is found early it is treatable. If a patient leaves his or her colon cancer untreated a variety of things can happen to them. Dr. Mark Gimbel goes over what can happen without treatment in this video. Given […]

How to Balance Colon Cancer Caregiving and Parenting


Kim Rogers on balancing parenting and caregiving after her husband’s stage IV colon cancer diagnosis. Life changes totally after a spouse is diagnosed with cancer. In addition in their change of roles, your role is also affected. In addition to assuming the role of caregiver, you must also continue your duties as parent and spouse. […]

Dealing With the Possibility of the Recurrence of Colon Cancer

recurrence of colon cancer

How Kim Rogers copes with the possibility of recurrence of colon cancer. Kim Rogers’ husband was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in 2003. In facing down this diagnosis, Kim took on the role of caregiver in addition to wife and mother. Though outwardly their life may have regained some sense of normalcy, the reality recurrence […]

Telling Children About a Colon Cancer Diagnosis

colon cancer diagnosis

Kim Rogers shares how she told her children about her husband’s colon cancer diagnosis. For a family, a colon cancer diagnosis is a very trying time. In addition to dealing with the role shift from parent and spouse to patient, many people are unsure how and when to tell their children about a colon cancer […]

How Life Changed After My Husband’s Colon Cancer Diagnosis

colon cancer diagnosis

Kim Rogers explains how her husband’s colon cancer diagnosis changed their lives. Kim Rogers’s husband was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in 2003. With two young children, her life was changed forever as she assumed the role of caregiver alongside mother and wife. She has learned much through her journey and wants to help […]

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