Colon Cancer Awareness for People Under 50

How can you bring colon cancer awareness to people under 50?

colon cancer awarenessDavid Dubin was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 29. He wanted to start spreading colon cancer awareness to people under 50 so he founded Alive and Kickn. His organization is using athletic events bring awareness to younger people. They are teaching about what symptoms to look for, what they can do to prevent it, and what to do after a diagnosis.

David didn’t see celebrity spokesmen for colon cancer awareness like he has for breast and prostate cancer so he took it upon himself to join the fight.

David Dubin: I think the biggest barrier to reaching men who are under age 50 and women under age 50 is the conversation. The conversation is currently taking place with breast cancer, currently taking place with prostate cancer but it is not taking place with colon cancer. I don’t know if it is the wrong body part or the fact that we don’t have the celebrity survivor waving the blue flag but colon cancer is statistically warranted and you know the numbers out there really should merit people talking about colon cancer in a fashion that would make them accustomed to what the symptoms could be, what you can do to prevent it because it is one of the few preventable cancers out there and may be it is because we don’t have the celebrity, maybe it is because it just has not been done before.

You know, I look at myself as much as I am not a pro-soccer player, I was a very young survivor of colon cancer, I was still very athletic, I was 29 years old, I was a soccer player, over six feet tall, 200 pounds. It just works for me to have the conversation about colon cancer that allows younger people, those under 50, those well under 50, we are talking under 40, under 30 even to say hey this could happen and this is what I should be looking out for, this is what I should do for myself sooner rather than later.

David Dubin

David Dubin

David Dubin is a three time colon cancer survivor and founder of Alive and Kickn, a foundation for colon cancer and genetic colon cancer. The foundation uses soccer games as a method awareness and fundraising.

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