What Constitutes a Healthy Poop?

Dr. Paulson talks about what a healthy poop looks like

1858356191Are you paying attention to your poop?

Maybe not, but you should be. That’s because the condition of your poop can tell a lot about what is going on inside you.

Don’t be embarrassed to look at your poop, it just could save your life!

Dr. Heather Paulson is a naturopathic oncologist. In this video, she describes what a health poop looks like.

Video Transcript

Heather Paulson ND FABNO:  Often people wonder what is a healthy poop supposed to look like and what cracks me up is that some people don’t even look when they flush their, so embarrassed about their pooping process that they cant even describe what their poop likes like, so number one is to look at your bowel movements in the toilet and see what is going on their, is your poop floating, is it sinking, is it lots of little pieces or one big pieces. 

The perfect poop would be one big piece that is very similar to an S shape that means that you cleared out the bottom of your bowels including the rectum and that’s what makes that S curve happen.  It would be well-formed, there would be loose spits, there wouldn’t be any undigested food unless you ate corn the night before which doesn’t digest well in our intestinal tract and it would be nice brown like a chestnut brown color, not too dark and not too light.  If your poop is very dark or very light especially if it’s kind of yellowy in color, this is something you want to talk to your doctor about because it could indicate something going on with your gallbladder or how you digest fats. 

Same with if your poop is floating that is something that indicates mild absorption of fats and that’s something you would want to talk to your doctor about.  If your poop is too dark, sometimes that can mean that there are injuries or bleeding happening in the intestinal tract.  It could be something as simple as hemorrhoids, but you would still want to talk to your doctor about that as well.

Heather Paulson, ND FABNO
A member of the Arizona Natural Health Center Cancer Care team and a highly trained Naturopathic Oncologist and Fellow to the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology, Dr. Heather Paulson focuses on helping people diagnosed with cancer bring their bodies back to a natural state of wellness.

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