Should I Consult a Dietitian During Colon Cancer Treatment?

Survivor Robin McGee talks about the benefits of consulting a dietitian during colon cancer treatment.

diet during colon cancerDiet is a major consideration with colon cancer, since it deals intimately with the digestive system. Many people will find foods that they previously enjoyed do not agree with them and will have problems with digestion, or even getting enough calories on a daily basis.

Colon cancer survivor Robin McGee has been there and dealt with this struggle. She advises that you consult a dietitian as soon as you are diagnosed. Working with a dietitian during colon cancer can help ensure that you are getting proper nutrition, and that it will work alongside your treatment to provide you with the best possible health. For more, watch Robin in the video below:

Robin McGee:  Another thing to consider is if your healthcare team does not suggest it, consider consulting dietitian right away as soon as you are diagnosed. 

In my case, I had this major obstruction, so I had to go on a liquid diet and I had to kind of maintain my weight somehow through liquids and so I needed to see a dietitian because I did not know how to do that, but what I learned when I consulted with her is there is a great deal of nutritional challenge or caloric challenge that colon cancer, rectal cancer patients face that and of course, we have this problem with our intestines now and that makes eating foods sometimes difficult, sometimes we are restricted to just weight foods because many, many things that make us distressed because of course, it is distressing to hear, oh you should eat vegetables, you should have fiber, this is a great thing and I cannot eat all those things because I have this illness now or I am on radiation now and I really need to have an easy experience for my digestive system, so I have to eat this way. 

All that is to say, a dietitian can give you guidance through that and certainly, you will get dietary guidance after you have had your surgery, may be if you have an ostomy, you will get dietary guidance there too, but as soon as you are diagnosed, consider consulting a dietician right away because the right diet can also mean less trouble later on when you are going through radiation and you are going through chemo when you are even going through surgery.

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