Why is Exercise So Important During Colon Cancer?

Benefits of exercise during colon cancer


Pretend for a moment that you’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer. Exercise is probably not the first thing on your mind, right?

Robin McGee was diagnosed with colon cancer. She quickly learned that life with cancer was significantly different than what she had seen on TV.

Robin found that even small amounts of exercise, like walking or yoga, paid big dividends.

It’s for this reason that Robin feels that exercise is important for colon cancer patients.

For more on why exercise is so important during colon cancer, watch Robin McGee in the video below:

Robin McGee:  Like a lot of people, my images of what cancer was and what cancer treatments are like was based on TV and surprise, TV lies, you know I thought, oh when you have cancer, you are supposed to lie in bed and rest and not get up and become a sick person.

But that is not what they advise today, they advise cancer patients, even though I was undergoing chemo, even though was undergoing radiation or both to try to exercise even a little bit because as it turns up, what happens is, our bodies as even under these amazing challenges, these harsh challenges of chemo and radiation and surgery will go, okay you need me to dig deep, okay I am going to dig even deeper then, I am going to bring forward the energy you require if you need to be able to walk for half an hour or you need to be able to go that yoga class. 

I was surprised to learn this but in fact it is true that if you can keep up even a minimal amount of exercise that results in better energy in the long run.  Now, you know, there is a time that comes in treatment where it is too much to workout or whatever but your body will tell you that and you know and the best advice is listen to that body.

Robin McGee
Dr. Robin McGee is a Registered Clinical Psychologist, mother, wife, educator and friend. Living in Port Williams, Nova Scotia, she has been a dedicated clinician in health and education settings for over 25 years. Since entering remission, she has been very active in patient advocacy, serving as the patient representative on several provincial and national initiatives aimed at improving standards of cancer care.‏ Her book "The Cancer Olympics" details her journey with colon cancer, her search for justice with the College of Physicians, and her advocacy for fair drug policy with her government.

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