How I Felt after My Husband’s Colon Cancer Diagnosis

What emotions did you experience after you head your husband’s colon cancer diagnosis?

colon cancer diagnosisFinding out a loved one has cancer can be a traumatic experience. Kim Rogers was in the room when her husband John received his colon cancer diagnosis. She was surprised at first. Kim says she felt like someone hit her in the chest with a two by four. The tears came soon after and Kim had a really difficult time for a few days. Once she and John accepted the diagnosis they began learning about the disease. They realized that they could be an active part of John’s recovery, which helped to ease their minds. They experienced a lot of fear, anger, and tears. Kim and John maintained a positive attitude and had a great support system to help them through. She believes this had much to do with John overcoming.

Video Transcripts

Kim Rogers: Hi, my name is Kim Rogers and my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer and the following is what I felt after his diagnosis.

When my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer, the doctor came in and sat down and said you have colon cancer and this is how long you have had it and you need desperate work to be done immediately and I was shocked obviously, I felt like I had a two by four thrown into my chest. I could not believe that, I went into tears immediately and then I went to shock and had a real hard time for the next couple of days, understanding, accepting and then learning more about the disease and realizing that we had a lot to do with what could facilitate his life and so, those emotions were okay, there was a lot of fear, there was a lot of anger, there was a lot of pain and of course there were a lot of tears. I went into the bathroom and cried and would come out with a smile for him to be positive and I think that that positive attitude and our family and friend system helped him in overcoming.

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