Financial Tips for Those Going Through Colon Cancer Treatment

Robin McGee gives some financial tips for colon cancer patients


Have you considered the financial implications of a colon cancer diagnosis? It’s generally the last thing on someone’s mind after a diagnosis. But it is important.

Financial stress during colon cancer is something you should work to avoid, if possible. It truly can make a bad situation worse.

Robin McGee has been there. In this video, she provides a few financial tips for colon cancer patients.

Robin McGee:  You need to keep all your receipts, all your receipts for all the food, all your mileage, all your parking, all your travel because you will very likely need to begin a tax time and in my own case, I kept all these receipts for all of those things and was horrified to later learn that as much as $40,000 of extra cost were incurred by me over this two years and lot of that was mileage, so it is important to have that, it is important to document it because there is often some slack that you can get cut or compensation you can get from various sources if you keep track of those receipts.

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