How do I Find Hope after a Colon Cancer Diagnosis?

Finding hope after a cancer diagnosis.

hope after a colon cancer diagnosisIt’s not unusual for cancer patients to feel hopeless, even helpless after their diagnosis. It is not easy learning that you are not healthy, especially if it is unexpected. How do you shake these awful feelings? Dr. Beverly Yoches has some helpful insights into finding hope after a colon cancer diagnosis in this video. It can be difficult to find meaning and hold onto it in times of trial. If you are having a hard time be sure to let someone know how you are feeling. Sometimes that is the easiest and most effective way.

Video Transcripts

Beverly Yoches, MD: I believe that we are mind, body and spirit and so to go through the healing process does not just incorporate the physical body. So, for example if someone were to come and seek individual therapy with me, I would help them not only care for their body by ensuring that they are compliant with all the medications, but also take time everyday to be mindful, to be still, to take periods of time where they are caring for themselves emotionally and then also I believe it’s important, no matter what religion you are, to connect to spirit, to connect to something that will help instill hope and positive outcome for your future.

Dr. Beverly Yoches
Dr. Beverly Yoches, a graduate of Argosy University, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert, AZ. She specializes in the treatment of addiction, anxiety, anger, bereavement, depression, mood disorders, trauma and those with serious mental illness.

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