Five Holiday Tips for Colon Cancer Patients


We at Colon Cancer Answers are dedicated to empowering you with all the tools you need during your journey with cancer. Recently, we asked our Facebook community to share some of their tips for coping with cancer during the holidays and below is a list of the best recommendations. Happy Holidays everyone!

Be an innovative shopper

Avoid fatigue-inducing crowds and shopping malls and try online shopping this year. You can also make a gift of sharing your thoughts and feelings with friends and loved ones. Write short notes or make phone calls to let others know that you are thinking about them. This has the added benefit of bringing positive feelings to both you and and others.

Tread lightly with heavy foods

You will find that your tastes have changed as well as your ability to digest some of your favorite foods. As with most things, moderation is key. Try smaller portions at first to see how the affect you and go from there. Many of our readers indicated adverse reaction to sugars and artificial sweeteners, so be sure to check lablels before consuming your favorite holiday treats.

Be realistic with your expectations, especially when it comes to energy levels

You may find, as many diagnosed with cancer have, that your expectations have outpaced your energy levels. It is important now to prioritize tasks and plans and pursue things that bring you benefit the most. Also, be sure that you make your needs and priorities known and do not let the expectations of others supercede your own needs.

Enjoy time with family and friends

This is the heart of the holidays but is often overlooked in modern society. Cancer can change your perspective in many ways and spending time with loved ones may help you retain some of your old outlook and gain some new insights as well. Reconnecting with loved ones is a great way to relax and takes much less physical energy than other tasks.

Enjoy every moment and allow people to do things for you

Be sure you are taking time to stop and smell the mistletoe. Try your best to enjoy all the small, happy moments that come with the holiday season. Also, don’t let stubborn pride get in your way, if someone offers assistance or a helping hand, gladly take them up on it. You will only be helping yourself. Live in the moment and don’t forget to laugh and love with abundance.

Happy Holidays from the Colon Cancer Answers team. If you have any additional tips for living with colon cancer, send them to

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