How Can I Get Involved in Colon Cancer Advocacy?

Robin McGee discusses simple forms of colon cancer advocacy

462273661Colon cancer advocacy doesn’t have to be a full time job, though survivor Robin McGee has made it one.

It’s important to get involved if your life has been touched with colon cancer, because no colon cancer patient should feel like they are alone.

You don’t have to attend working groups or march to government offices, it can be as simple as filling out an online survey or attending a focus group.

Many good things and research come from online surveys and focus groups. If everyone does their part, someday we can beat this terrible disease.

For more, watch Robin McGee in this video.

Video Transcript

Robin McGee:  Patient advocacy does not have to be a huge second career commitment where you put in hours and hours of working groups of the nature that I have done and with our experiences here in our province, we have noticed there is a continuum of patient involvement, so that on one end, there are uber-involved advocates like myself but then there are others who fill out online surveys, attend focus groups, participate in online forms like colon town and other, the ways, so that it is possible to be a patient advocate, to be a participant at your own pace and kind of involvement that you want, but what I can tell you about it is how even people minimally involve, people just filling out online surveys will say how important it was for them to say my experience meant something, it means something, it can be used in some way to make care better in the future.

Robin McGee
Dr. Robin McGee is a Registered Clinical Psychologist, mother, wife, educator and friend. Living in Port Williams, Nova Scotia, she has been a dedicated clinician in health and education settings for over 25 years. Since entering remission, she has been very active in patient advocacy, serving as the patient representative on several provincial and national initiatives aimed at improving standards of cancer care.‏ Her book "The Cancer Olympics" details her journey with colon cancer, her search for justice with the College of Physicians, and her advocacy for fair drug policy with her government.

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