Living with Stage Four Colon Cancer

Just looking at her, you would never guess that Gloria Borges is living with stage four colon cancer. She is lively, energetic, and to-the-point. Only a few years ago she was working her way up in her law firm with long hours and heavy cases. But when she was 28, she began feeling symptoms that sent her to doctors and specialists, eventually resulting in an emergency colon resection surgery.

Since then, Gloria has found purpose in her diagnosis. She started a blog, WunderGlo, and recently a colon cancer foundation. She has spoken with hundreds of people about colon cancer, creating a community of support. As part of her treatment, she underwent the invasive Sugarbaker procedure in an attempt to eradicate her disease, but the disease persisted. She has chemotherapy every other week and manages its side effects for the first few days afterward, and then is back to 100%.

“I’ve certainly beaten the odds. I passed my 2 year cancer anniversary last September and am on my way to my 3rd year,” Borges says.

Despite living with stage four colon cancer, she makes sure to fit fun into her life. She plays basketball and goesto the gym despite her first surgeon’s suggestion that she would never return to fitness.

She shares the routines and changes to her life, as well as her treatment management strategy, in the video.

Gloria is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the The Wunder Project, whose mission is to fund research and set in motion all of the platforms necessary to finding the cure for colon cancer and creating the blueprint for curing other cancers.

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