What Newly Diagnosed Colon Cancer Patients Need to Know

What are some things that newly diagnosed colon cancer patients need to know?

newly diagnosed colon cancer patientsDave Dubin doesn’t like to give advice, but he says there are a lot of important things survivors should know. He tells newly diagnosed colon cancer patients to get other opinions from medical professionals and from people who have been through treatment before. Every cancer is different, and as Dave says, they don’t come with manuals. “There are no bad questions when it comes to colon cancer,” Dave says.

For more information for newly diagnosed colon cancer patients watch “Information for Recently Diagnosed Colon Cancer Patients.

David Dubin: I am asked all the time, what advice I would give to people who are diagnosed with colon cancer and especially young people as I was 29 the first time when I was diagnosed. I am not big on giving you advice, however, there are lot of important things survivors should know and there are lot of resources out there, so I can tell people to get other opinions, get other medical opinions, get opinions from those around you who have been through this before and are comfortable sharing their stories, sharing what has worked for them, what hasn’t worked for them, because there is no manual.

There is no cookie cutter approach to solving this puzzle. I am fortunate in that after surgeries and even after chemotherapy, I haven’t had the complications that others have had, but that’s me and I am not saying that this is going to happen to someone who is newly diagnosed with colon cancer because they are all different, but I always recommend get good medical advice, get good advice from others who have been through it and don’t be afraid to ask a whole lot of questions because there are no bad questions when it comes to colon cancer.

David Dubin

David Dubin

David Dubin is a three time colon cancer survivor and founder of Alive and Kickn, a foundation for colon cancer and genetic colon cancer. The foundation uses soccer games as a method awareness and fundraising.

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