Normalizing During Your Colon Cancer Treatment

What is normalizing when referring to colon cancer?

normalizingFeel like you’re travelling a road no one has been down with your cancer treatment? Ironically, you’re not alone in that feeling. Going through cancer treatment can be an emotional roller coaster. It can be comforting to know that others are going through the same experiences. Hearing from survivors of your disease can give you a sense of community and hope. Dr. Beverly Yoches is a psychologist experienced with cancer patients. She describes how normalizing during your cancer treatment can be helpful in this video. You are not alone.

Video Transcripts

Beverly Yoches: Normalizing is suggesting to a person that’s going through a difficult time that what they are feeling is actually very common. So, if someone is going through a period of time where they are overly anxious or depressed and they are informed that in fact it’s very normal to feel anxious and depressed and to normalize their feelings then they are more at ease to opening up and sharing.

Dr. Beverly Yoches
Dr. Beverly Yoches, a graduate of Argosy University, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert, AZ. She specializes in the treatment of addiction, anxiety, anger, bereavement, depression, mood disorders, trauma and those with serious mental illness.

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