Using the Oncotype DX Test for Early Stage Colon Cancer Patients

Dr. Mark Gimbel explains when physicians will typically order the Oncotype DX test for early stage colon cancer patients

early stage colon cancerFor early stage colon cancer patients, choosing the right course of treatment is critical. Many early stage colon cancer patients just assume that chemotherapy will be part of the journey. However, not all early stage colon cancers will require chemotherapy. For this choice to be made, doctors must be able to have some certainty about how the cancer will progress.

This is where the Oncotype DX test comes in. Doctors are able to asses unique attribute’s of a patient tumor and make more accurate treatment recommendations, giving patients enhanced peace of mind. For more on when doctors order the Oncotype DX test, watch Dr. Mark Gimbel in the video below.

Mark Gimbel:  When I order the Oncotype DX Colon Cancer Assay, it is typically for my stage II patients as well as my stage IIIA patients.  I find that if I order that upfront that information can then be used for the patient and then for the medical oncologist, who I will send the patient to.  I do send all my T2s or my stage II colon cancer patients for medical oncology evaluation, so that added information is quite useful.

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