Overview: What is Colorectal Surgery?

Dr. Kim explains colorectal surgery

colon cancer surgeryIn this video, Dr. Kim gives patients an overview of colorectal surgery, and the instances when it is performed.

Dr. Kim stresses that colorectal surgery is often performed for even benign disease and removal of polyps, not just active disease.

For many patients, colorectal surgery is the first step in the treatment regimen. It is important to consider all of your treatment options.

For more, watch Dr. Kim in this video:



Video Transcript

Eugene M. Kim MD:  Colorectal surgery is a field of medicine where we are dealing and treating the both benign and malignant colorectal diseases.  For example, colon cancers and rectal cancers were often performing surgeries or operations on the patients and even for benign disease, I would say the most common would be polyps of the colon which haven’t quite been become cancer yet, so patients may need surgery and for example diseases such as diverticulosis or diverticulitis is a very common problem.

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