What Pain Medications Will I Be Using After Colon Cancer Surgery?

Dr. Kim gives an overview of pain medications that are used after colon cancer surgery

181306228 (1)Pain medications play a big role in post-surgical recovery.

When used as directed, pain medications allow patients to be much more comfortable after surgery, and can give some semblance of normalcy in the first week or so after the surgery.

Many patients wonder what types of medications they will be on, and how often they will need to be taken.

In this video, Dr. Eugene Kim gives an overview of pain medications that are used after colon cancer surgery.

Eugene M. Kim MD:  When the patients go home from the surgery, there are generally two broad classifications of pain medications they are taking and we prescribed them.  There are the narcotic painkillers and then there are non-narcotic pain medications.  The two most common narcotic pain medications, one would be Percocet or Oxycodone and the other is hydrocodone or Vicodin for example and they are usually taking those one to two tablets every four to six hours for a few days or may be a week after surgery and we also allow most people to take Tylenol and/or other non-narcotics such as ibuprofen following their surgery and for a week or two.

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