Dealing With the Possibility of the Recurrence of Colon Cancer

How Kim Rogers copes with the possibility of recurrence of colon cancer.

recurrence of colon cancerKim Rogers’ husband was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in 2003. In facing down this diagnosis, Kim took on the role of caregiver in addition to wife and mother. Though outwardly their life may have regained some sense of normalcy, the reality recurrence of colon cancer in her husband is always around the corner.

For Kim, a part of life with stage IV colon cancer is dealing with the possibility of a recurrence of her husband’s disease. Kim has learned that this is not an easy battle to fight, but you always must press on. For more, watch Kim in the video below:

Kim Rogers:  Hi, my name is Kim Rogers and these are my tips for dealing with colon cancer recurrence.

As far as colon cancer recurrence, it is a continual issue.  My husband goes in every six months.  As he has been cleared of cancer, he goes in less frequently for colonoscopies, but the idea in the back of the head is that it is always there, it is always gonna be there.  He goes in every six months for blood work and we watch that and every time he does, I die a little in my heart because I wonder, I worry, I stress and it will always be there, it is not going to go away but stepping through it and making life better for yourself and better for them is important and that is what is, that is the only thing I can stress so much is that you can get through it and it is work and it will always be there.


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