How Does Robotic Surgery for Colon Cancer Work?

Dr. Kim explains how robotic surgery for colon cancer works

147461664Surgical procedures have come a long way in the past 25 years. Once only a dream, robotic surgery for colon cancer is now a reality for thousands of patients a year.

Robotic surgery is less invasive than open surgery, and patients enjoy shortened recovery time and less pain, since there is no incision to take care of.

Doctors prefer robotic surgery because of increased visibility and more precise control over surgical instruments.

Robotic surgery for colon cancer will only become more commonplace in the next few years.

For more on robotic surgery for colon cancer, watch Dr. Eugene Kim in the video below:

Eugene M. Kim MD:  Robotic laparoscopic surgery or another term when they hear is the Da Vinci robotic laparoscopic surgery is a newer technique of doing minimally invasive surgery.  Essentially what’s happening is the patient is undergoing their laparoscopic colon procedure using a robotic system.  The surgeon is not actually at the patient’s side.  He is actually at a console which is directing the machine or the robot to do the laparoscopic surgery, so it’s very similar to laparoscopic surgery actually a subtype of laparoscopic surgery and there are currently studies going on to do determine if there are some benefit with regards to colon surgery and that hasn’t quite been proven yet, but there are some studies showing that there might be some benefit even compared to the standard laparoscopic surgery.

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