What is the Role of a Naturopathic Doctor in Colon Cancer Treatment?

Dr. Heather Paulson explains the role of a naturopathic doctor during colon cancer treatment

colon cancerHave you thought about seeing a naturopathic doctor (ND) as part of your colon cancer treatment?

Natural remedies and methods are increasingly being used alongside more traditional approaches as part of a strategy to “treat the whole patient.”

Far from herbal cure-alls and other such quackery, NDs are increasingly becoming part of colon cancer treatment teams.

The movement toward holistic medicine is increasingly becoming part of the mainstream.

Dr. Heather Paulson is a naturopathic oncologist. In this video, she talks about the role she plays in the treatment of colon cancer patients.

Heather Paulson, ND FABNO: The role of a naturopathic doctor, or a naturopathic oncologist, in the treatment of colon cancer is to really support the person who has been diagnosed with colon cancer the best way possible with natural therapies.
We can play an integrative role, where someone is going through chemotherapy or surgery or radiation, we can provide therapies, supplements, botanicals, that help reduce the side effects of those treatments. And if they’re in a survivorship mode and trying to reduce their risk of colon cancer recurrence, we can provide opportunities for diet and lifestyle changes as well as supplements and nutrition to help reduce the risk of colon cancer recurrence.
Heather Paulson, ND FABNO
A member of the Arizona Natural Health Center Cancer Care team and a highly trained Naturopathic Oncologist and Fellow to the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology, Dr. Heather Paulson focuses on helping people diagnosed with cancer bring their bodies back to a natural state of wellness.

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