Six Holiday Eating Tips for Colon Cancer Patients

eatingtipsimageThe holidays can be a time of stress for even the healthiest of people. Here at Colon Cancer Answers we are dedciated to bringing you only the best to empower you during your cancer journey. Healthy and balanced eating is a challenge for many people, especially around the holidays. Cancer patients are no different and often have very sensitive needs. When it comes to the food, here are tips to help you find what and how much you can eat:

Eat before you leave the house; try a snack with some fiber and protein just in case there aren’t many options for you.

This will serve to keep you feeling full throughout the day, in case there are no options available at your host’s house. It will prevent you from becoming “hangry” (hungry and angry) and making your family and friends nervous.

Choose from the inside of the table at a buffet, where little hands, and their germs, are less likely to reach.

This great tip came from our Facebook page and is not one many would think about. Children are not known for their clean hands, so it’s best to follow this tip or be sure to get your portion before they do.

Keep an eye on foods as they arrive and identify things you think you might be able to tolerate.

Keep a mental checklist so you aren’t left guessing when you get to the buffet. If you have questions about the ingredients, ask the person that brought the dish.

Start slow and take small portions so you don’t get that “overfull” feeling.

Pace yourself. You don’t want to over-do it too early and spend the rest of the day sick or in the bathroom. Instead, start slow and take small portions of things that you think you could tolerate. If you experience little or no disruption, try another small portion. The key is to start small and go slow.

Look at a potluck as an opportunity to try new tastes and dishes, take advantage of the occasion to identify new flavors that might taste good to you.

You never know what new foods you may enjoy or be able to tolerate. It’s best to go into a potluck with an open mind and the results will pay off. But remember, stick with smaller portions and don’t get too experimental.

Ask your doctor if it is OK for you to drink alcohol before you go to holiday celebrations where you might be tempted to drink.

For many people, the holidays are a time to imbide to their heart’s content. However, as someone undergoing treatment for colon cancer, you may not be able to handle the holiday “cheer” as well as in the past. Alcohol can interact with some medications as well, so it’s always good to consult your doctor before attempting to drink it.

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