How to Balance Colon Cancer Caregiving and Parenting

Kim Rogers on balancing parenting and caregiving after her husband’s stage IV colon cancer diagnosis.

colon cancer caregivingLife changes totally after a spouse is diagnosed with cancer. In addition in their change of roles, your role is also affected. In addition to assuming the role of caregiver, you must also continue your duties as parent and spouse. It can be an extremely difficult transition but it is not impossible to accomplish. The key is to stay centered and take time for yourself to feel emotions instead of trying to put up a front while suffering inside.

Kim Rogers was the mother of two young children in 2003 when her husband John was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. She was able to quickly adapt to the changes in her life and ensure stability for her husband and children. It wasn’t easy by any means but she wants you to know that it is possible to not just survive, but thrive in such a situation. For more, watch Kim in the video below:

Kim Rogers:  Hi, my name is Kim Rogers and this is my story about how I chose to be a caregiver for my husband with stage IV colon cancer and my family.

Balancing caregiving and home life is to say the least really tough.  There is always the fear of reoccurrence, there is always the fear of something happening to the local inmates dealing with this.  I am also a secondary caregiver for another family member plus managing the household plus feeding people well and making a stable environment for my kids.  I can only say it was tough and it was hard work, but it is a word you have to take because you have to be there and if you are not, that does not help them, so that is the word I chose and I took it and I believe my family is better for it.

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