How to Suggest Psychological Treatment as a Caregiver of a Cancer Patient

How should a caregiver of a cancer patient suggest psychological treatment?

caregiver of a cancer patientCaring for a loved one can present unique challenges. Beverly Yoches is a clinical psychologist and has helped families overcome many of the troubles that come with a cancer diagnosis. Psychological health can effect physical health, so it is important to address issues as they arise. Caregivers of cancer patients need to be aware of their patient’s moods and feelings. Patients need to know that psychological treatment is common and useful during trying times. Patients can benefit greatly from seeing a psychologist.

Video Transcripts

Beverly Yoches, PSY.D: Often times when caregivers come to me with struggles in trying to get their loved one to participate not just for psychological treatment, but also being compliant with their chemotherapy. The one thing that I like to share with the caregivers is that it’s important for them to normalize where their loved one is and so if you normalize where they are and then gently encourage them to take baby steps, it’s much more beneficial then to become commanding or demanding for them to engage in treatment. I know often times people will come in for one session and think, oh, if I would have known that this is what psychological treatment was, I would have come a lot sooner. So, again there is the stigma behind coming to a psychologist.

Dr. Beverly Yoches
Dr. Beverly Yoches, a graduate of Argosy University, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert, AZ. She specializes in the treatment of addiction, anxiety, anger, bereavement, depression, mood disorders, trauma and those with serious mental illness.

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