April 2 Live Event: Answers For Newly Diagnosed Colon Cancer Patients


Answers for newly diagnosed colon cancer patients. Wednesday, April 2nd’s Hangout on Air was our first with our Medical Director, Dr. Shalina Gupta-Burt. Dr. Gupta-Burt covered a wide range of information for newly diagnosed colon cancer patients. In this live event, which you can watch in its entirety below, Dr. Gupta-Burt covered the steps of […]

Why Do Young People Get Colon Cancer?

colon cancer

Dr. Lenz explains that colon cancer doesn’t just affect those in middle age and beyond. It’s no secret that many younger people take risks with their health and believe that diseases like colon cancer won’t occur until they are safely into middle age. While this may be true for some, for many young people colon […]

Advice to Colon Cancer Patients

colon cancer diagnosis

Kim Rogers sums up her advice to colon cancer patients A colon cancer diagnosis will turn anyone’s life upside down. It is an incredibly trying time not just for the person diagnosed but also their loved ones. Not only does the person diagnosed with colon cancer have to deal with the transition from spouse and […]

How to Balance Colon Cancer Caregiving and Parenting


Kim Rogers on balancing parenting and caregiving after her husband’s stage IV colon cancer diagnosis. Life changes totally after a spouse is diagnosed with cancer. In addition in their change of roles, your role is also affected. In addition to assuming the role of caregiver, you must also continue your duties as parent and spouse. […]

Talking With Kids About Prevention and Nutrition After a Parent’s Colon Cancer Diagnosis

colon cancer

Kim Rogers shares how she approached prevention and nutrition changes with her children after her husband’s colon cancer diagnosis in 2003. A colon cancer diagnosis can be a very frightening time for not only for the person involved but their entire family. Lives are changed totally in the matter of minutes. Not only does a […]

Telling Children About a Colon Cancer Diagnosis

colon cancer diagnosis

Kim Rogers shares how she told her children about her husband’s colon cancer diagnosis. For a family, a colon cancer diagnosis is a very trying time. In addition to dealing with the role shift from parent and spouse to patient, many people are unsure how and when to tell their children about a colon cancer […]

Stage IV Colon Cancer can be Beaten


Overcoming Stage IV Colon Cancer Being diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer is a life-changing experience. Kim Rogers’s husband was diagnosed with the disease in 2003. After coming to terms with what lay ahead of them, the Rogers took up the fight. They’ll both tell you it was a long journey, but, her husband John […]

How Life Changed After My Husband’s Colon Cancer Diagnosis

colon cancer diagnosis

Kim Rogers explains how her husband’s colon cancer diagnosis changed their lives. Kim Rogers’s husband was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in 2003. With two young children, her life was changed forever as she assumed the role of caregiver alongside mother and wife. She has learned much through her journey and wants to help […]

Who Should Get a Colonoscopy?

diet during colon cancer

How does colonoscopy help prevent colon cancer? Colon cancer is the number two killer in the United States. It is a treatable disease and can be prevented in many circumstances. The screening process for colon cancer usually requires a colonoscopy. This is an invasive procedure which should only be done by an expert. Colonoscopy allows […]

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