The Oncotype DX Test Helps Doctors Discuss Risk with Patients

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How does the Oncotype DX test help doctors discuss risk with patients? Great advances in medical technology happen only once in a long while. The Oncotype DX test is one of these technologies. This test determines the genetic makeup of individual tumors. Doctors use this information to determine how cancers will grow and react to […]

Changing the Colon Cancer Conversation


How is Alive and Kickn changing the colon cancer conversation? Alive and Kickn is an organization committed to changing many things about the colon cancer conversation. They are bringing awareness to a younger crowd using athletic events. David Dubin, founder of Alive and Kickn, wants people to be more comfortable talking about colon cancer. He […]

The Role of Genetics in Colon Cancer


What is important about genetics in colon cancer? Advances in genetics are allowing doctors to do some great things in the fight against cancer. Using genetics in colon cancer diagnosises, doctors can determine if you have a disease that may increase your chances for getting colon cancer. David Dubin, founder of Alive and Kickn and […]

How to Determine Your Genetic Risk for Developing Colon Cancer

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You can often determine your genetic disposition to colon cancer based on your family history.  Dr. Mark Gimbel explains how to find the warning signs in this video. Mark Gimbel, MD:  If you are genetically prone to colon cancer, you will typically know based on a family member.  There are certain familial colon cancers that […]

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