The Role of Genetics in Colon Cancer


What is important about genetics in colon cancer? Advances in genetics are allowing doctors to do some great things in the fight against cancer. Using genetics in colon cancer diagnosises, doctors can determine if you have a disease that may increase your chances for getting colon cancer. David Dubin, founder of Alive and Kickn and […]

Why I Founded Chris4Life

advice for those who have lost a loved one to colon cancer

Why did Michael Sapienza found Chris4Life? Michael Sapienza, founder of Chris4Life, had a very personal experience with colon cancer when his mother, Christine, was diagnosed in 2006. Christine fought the disease for three years before passing in 2009. Michael had seen many organizations doing wonderful things concerning colon cancer, but felt that more should be […]

How to Prevent Colon Cancer

Prevent Colon Cancer

Screening is key to prevent colon cancer. Incidents and death rates from colorectal are on the decline. Much of this is due to the realization that proper screening is key to prevent colon cancer. By finding a colorectal cancer earlier, you can prevent colon cancer from growing and spreading to other areas of the body. If […]

Does Aspirin Decrease Colon Cancer Risk?

Oncotype DX Test Benefits

There is a common belief that taking one aspirin a day can decrease a person’s risk for developing colon cancer. Find out if this is a myth or fact as Dr. Kozloff discusses aspirin use for cancer prevention.   Mark F. Kozloff, MD: Over the years, there have many studies looking at aspirin, can it or […]

Colon Cancer Prevention: Diet and Exercise


There are several factors that are known to increase or decrease a person’s risk for developing colon cancer in their lifetime. In this video, find out what Dr. Kozloff thinks can decrease your risk for developing the disease.   Mark F. Kozloff, MD: There are various increased risk factors for developing colon cancer and by […]

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