What Are My Rights If I Participate in a Cancer Clinical Trial?


Joyce Schaffer explains patient rights in cancer clinical trials When a person enrolls in a clinical trial, they signed a consent. There are laws to protect people who enrolling the clinical trial. When they start on the clinical trial, they can stop at any time they want. Physicians will not force them to do anything. […]

What Are the Benefits of Participating in a Cancer Clinical Trial?

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Joyce Schaffer talks about the benefits of participating in a cancer clinical trial The benefit of going on a clinical trial is that yes you are often getting a higher level of care than at a regular oncologist, because physicians are watching you very closely. You are also helping gather data for this specific molecule, […]

What Are Cancer Clinical Trials?

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Joyce Schaffer gives a brief overview of cancer clinical trials Cancer clinical trials are very different than regular clinical trials for other diseases or conditions. They are certainly not the last-ditch effort that many people think. Specifically, when it comes to cancer clinical trials, doctors are looking at molecules for patients who have advanced cancer […]

How Can I Get Involved in Colon Cancer Advocacy?


Robin McGee discusses simple forms of colon cancer advocacy Colon cancer advocacy doesn’t have to be a full time job, though survivor Robin McGee has made it one. It’s important to get involved if your life has been touched with colon cancer, because no colon cancer patient should feel like they are alone. You don’t […]

How Long Will I Have to Stay in the Hospital After Colon Cancer Surgery?


Dr. Kim discusses factors that determine hospital stay after colon cancer surgery. Surgery is the main form of treatment for colon cancer. The part of the bowel containing the cancer is removed and the two ends of the bowel are then joined together. If it is not possible to rejoin the two ends then a […]

What is Minimally Invasive Colon Cancer Surgery?


Dr. Kim gives an overview of minimally invasive colon cancer surgery What is minimally invasive colon cancer surgery? Minimally invasive colon cancer ┬ásurgery means uses smaller incisions and special instruments and for the patient what theoretically mean that they have a quicker recovery, better scar, less pain overall and most patients will get out of […]

How Can I Prepare for Colon Cancer Surgery?


Dr. Eugene Kim details how patients can prepare for colon cancer surgery It goes without saying that you should try to be as healthy as possible before undergoing colon cancer surgery. This of course means different things for different patients, but being as healthy as you can will only make the process easier. The chief […]

What Pain Medications Will I Be Using After Colon Cancer Surgery?

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Dr. Kim gives an overview of pain medications that are used after colon cancer surgery Pain medications play a big role in post-surgical recovery. When used as directed, pain medications allow patients to be much more comfortable after surgery, and can give some semblance of normalcy in the first week or so after the surgery. […]

What Robin McGee Has Learned as Colon Cancer Advocate


Colon cancer survivor and advocate Robin McGee shares what she’s learned Robin McGee is an incredible woman. After going through things that would leave many people at their breaking point, she was able to adapt and overcome. After being misdiagnosed several times, and ultimately having colon cancer, she has been committed to sharing her story […]

What Constitutes a Healthy Poop?


Dr. Paulson talks about what a healthy poop looks like Are you paying attention to your poop? Maybe not, but you should be. That’s because the condition of your poop can tell a lot about what is going on inside you. Don’t be embarrassed to look at your poop, it just could save your life! […]

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