Five Questions to Have Answered After a Diagnosis

Types of Colon Cancer

What should newly diagnosed colon cancer patients ask their doctor? Newly diagnosed colon cancer patients will have many, many questions they will want answers to. It is a very dizzying time. So many ask, where should I start? Dr. Madappa Kundranda lists the top five questions he thinks patients should have answered early in the […]

What are the Next Steps After a Colon Cancer Diagnosis?


Taking the Next Steps After a Colon Cancer Diagnosis Receiving a cancer diagnosis is an overwhelming experience. There is a lot of new information to remember and process. Many patients may find themselves wondering what’s next. Dr. Mark Gimbel specializes in treating colon cancer. He discusses the next steps after a colon cancer diagnosis in […]

How Polyps are Related to Colon Cancer


What is the relationship between colon polyps and colon cancer? It is common for people to develop colon polyps. 50% of men and 40% of women at age 50 already have polyps in their colon. Though 99% of these growths will be cancer free, there is a relationship between colon polyps can colon cancer. Polyps […]

Colon Cancer Diagnosis Story: Marc Rowley

Marc Rowley Colon Cancer

Being diagnosed with colon cancer was a huge shock to Marc Rowley, who was only 32 when he was diagnosed after experiencing painful stomach issues. He shares his diagnosis story with us, including having to argue with his doctor about needing a colonoscopy. “I was feeling ill, having issues with bowel movements. About ten minutes […]

Diagnosis Process for Colon Cancer

Dr. Farshid Dayyani Colon Cancer Answers

Getting diagnosed with prostate cancer can be an overwhelming experience, so we asked Dr. Dayyani to explain what the process is like from diagnosis to treatment, and the different doctors and specialists who would be involved with a patient’s case. The best treatment for colon cancer comes from a multidisciplinary team. “It is very important […]

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