What Are Colon Cancer Risk Factors?

Dr. Kim Colon Cancer Answers

There are many risk factors associated with colon cancer. Watch this video with expert Dr. George P. Kim to learn more and see if you’re at risk. George P. Kim, MD:  So colon cancer is obviously cancer of the large bowel.  In the United States it’s about 140,000 patients per year and unfortunately about the […]

Do Polyps Increase Colon Cancer Risk?

Dr. Kim Colon Cancer Answers

Polyps are often found during a colonoscopy, but what do they mean for your risk of colon cancer? Dr. Kim explains the different types of polyps and how they relate to colon cancer risk. George P. Kim, MD: Polyps certainly raise the risk or increase the risk of developing colon cancer. There are several types […]

Reducing Risk of Colon Cancer

Dr. Kim Colon Cancer Answers

Many factors are considered risks for colon cancer, including sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and the foods we eat. Dr. Kim explains some steps to take in order to reduce risk of colon cancer. George P. Kim, MD: There are some approaches and lifestyle changes that can affect your risk for colon cancer. Certainly if you’re a […]

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