Which Colorectal Cancer Patients Benefit From The Oncotype DX Test?

Oncotype DX Test Benefits

Discover how doctors like Mark Kozloff, MD use the OncotypeDX test for colorectal cancer patients. In this video he explains the circumstances leading to his decision to recommend the Oncotypetest and how he it may benefit patients. Mark F. Kozloff, MD: When I make a decision about chemotherapy in patients with colorectal cancer I take […]

Colorectal Cancer Surgery Types & Factors


Different colorectal cancer sites of origin dictate the type of surgery patients need to undergo during treatment, according to colorectal cancer expert Mark Kozloff, MD. Learn about the different surgery types and how surgeons determine which is best for a particular colon cancer patient. Mark F. Kozloff, MD: The surgery for colorectal cancer will differ […]

Colon Cancer Treatment Decisions: What Are They Based On?


Colon cancer expert Mark Kozloff, MD, explains how cancer treatment decisions are made based on the clinical stage and modern testing practices. Mark F. Kozloff, MD: Once the diagnosis of colon cancer is made, one does clinical staging and what should do besides the colonoscopy, you have the CAT scan with physical exam, blood test, […]

Colon Cancer Symptoms: When To See A Doctor

Oncotype DX Test Benefits

Colon cancer symptoms are not uncommon, even amongst healthy people. In this video, colon cancer expert Mark Kozloff explains when it’s important for you to see your doctor. Mark F. Kozloff, MD: There are many possible symptoms related to colon cancer including bleeding, abdominal pain, change in size of the stool, diarrhea, and constipation.  These […]

Colon Cancer Differences Between Men & Women


In this video, Dr. Mark Kozloff discusses how colon cancer differs between men and women in terms of prognosis, average age and treatment. Colon cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in men and women after lung cancer. Watch this video to learn more. Mark F. Kozloff, MD: Colon cancer can affect both men […]

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