Discussing Lynch Syndrome With Your Kids


How Dave Dubin of AliveandKickn Discussed Lynch Syndrome with his Kids Lynch syndrome, also known as hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC), is a type of inherited cancer of the digestive tract. Lynch syndrome is often a precursor to colon cancer. Those who are diagnosed with Lynch syndrome are encouraged to be screened earlier and more […]

Building Lynch Syndrome Awareness


What is Lynch Syndrome awareness so important? Lynch syndrome is a genetic disorder that increases the risk of many cancers, particularly colorectal cancers. Often, people with this syndrome get cancer at an early age. Not many people outside of a small community know of this affliction. David Dubin is working to change that. He was […]

Changing the Colon Cancer Conversation


How is Alive and Kickn changing the colon cancer conversation? Alive and Kickn is an organization committed to changing many things about the colon cancer conversation. They are bringing awareness to a younger crowd using athletic events. David Dubin, founder of Alive and Kickn, wants people to be more comfortable talking about colon cancer. He […]

Keeping Up the Fight Against Colon Cancer


What drives you to keep up the fight against colon cancer? David Dubin is a two time colon cancer survivor and founder of Alive and Kickn, an organization helping to spread awareness about the disease. David is very familiar with the disease since both his father and grandfather were afflicted with it. He has three […]

Survivor Discusses Colon Cancer Stigmas


Common stigmas about colon cancer from a survivor’s view. There are a lot of stigmas associated with colon cancer that Dave Dubin would love to see just go away.  First and foremost, is the stigma that colon cancer is an old man’s disease. It happens to people under age 50 and is getting younger and […]

Kyle Koeppel on Her Future with Lynch Syndrome

Kyle Koeppel Lynch Syndrome

After her mother died at age 38 of colon cancer, Kyle thought she would end up dying at the same age. However, now that she knows she has lynch syndrome, she is able actively monitor her risk for different cancers. Because finding out about her Lynch syndrome allows her to be proactive, Kyle says, “In […]

Kyle Koeppel on How She Deals with Her Lynch Syndrome

Kyle Koeppel Lynch Syndrome

Kyle Koeppel was diagnosed with Lynch syndrome when she was 19, and since then she has been active in screening for cancer. She shares her techniques for managing lynch syndrome in this video. One of the first things Kyle says she has done to make living with lynch syndrome easier is that she gets all […]

Kyle Koeppel on Living with Lynch Syndrome

Kyle Koeppel Lynch Syndrome

Kyle Koeppel lost her mother to an aggressive advanced colon cancer when she was 7 years old. When she was 19, she found out that she had Lynch syndrome, and that her mother and other relatives had it as well. Learn about her journey and how it’s changed her life in this video. “Lynch syndrome […]

Family Syndromes That Cause Colon Cancer

Dr. Kim Colon Cancer Answers

Heredity can be a risk for colon cancer, and there are several hereditary syndromes that increase risk for colon cancer. Learn about the family syndromes in this video from Dr. George P. Kim. George P. Kim, MD: So we know that there are very specific hereditary syndromes related to risks of colon cancer. Those are […]

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