The Role of the Medical Oncologist during Colon Cancer


What is the role of the medical oncologist during colon cancer? The days and weeks after a cancer diagnosis are a difficult and confusing time. Often patients are bombarded with new terms and concepts they are not familiar with. Here to help with some of the confusion is Dr. Kelly Shimabukuro. She’s a medical oncologist […]

How to Suggest Psychological Treatment as a Caregiver of a Cancer Patient


How should a caregiver of a cancer patient suggest psychological treatment? Caring for a loved one can present unique challenges. Beverly Yoches is a clinical psychologist and has helped families overcome many of the troubles that come with a cancer diagnosis. Psychological health can effect physical health, so it is important to address issues as […]

What Happens if I Leave My Colon Cancer Untreated?


What can happen if colon cancer is left untreated Cancer is deadly. In many cases if cancer is found early it is treatable. If a patient leaves his or her colon cancer untreated a variety of things can happen to them. Dr. Mark Gimbel goes over what can happen without treatment in this video. Given […]

What Can I Expect from Colonoscopy Preparation?


Colonoscopy preparation explained. Colonoscopy is generally a painless and extremely safe procedure. Preparation for these procedures can vary greatly in both cost and composition. Dr. Jeffrey Weber talks about the colonscopy preparation and what patients can expect from the treatment. The colonoscopy is a very important screening tool for colon cancer. Doctors must be able […]

Why Chemotherapy is Used for Colon Cancer Patients


What is the purpose of using chemotherapy in patients with colon cancer? It is possible for cancer cells to still be floating around in a patient’s bloodstream after colon cancer surgery. These cells can enter other parts of the body and cause stage four cancer. Dr. Madappa Kundranda says the main purpose of using chemotherapy […]

How Will My Life Change after Chemotherapy for Colorectal Cancer?


What changes can I make to my daily habits after chemotherapy for colorectal cancer? Patients currently receiving chemotherapy for colorectal cancer often wonder how their lives will change during treatment. Dr. Christopher Lieu tells patients that each case is different. His job is to balance an aggressive treatment plan with the patient’s quality of life. […]

Why I Founded Chris4Life

advice for those who have lost a loved one to colon cancer

Why did Michael Sapienza found Chris4Life? Michael Sapienza, founder of Chris4Life, had a very personal experience with colon cancer when his mother, Christine, was diagnosed in 2006. Christine fought the disease for three years before passing in 2009. Michael had seen many organizations doing wonderful things concerning colon cancer, but felt that more should be […]

What Newly Diagnosed Colon Cancer Patients Need to Know


What do newly diagnosed colon cancer patients need to know? A colon cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event will catch anyone by surprise. Newly diagnosed colon cancer patients may not know what their next step is, or what options may be available to them. Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz of The Wunder Project offers some advice for […]

Advice for Newly Diagnosed Colon Cancer Patients


What advice would you offer for newly diagnosed colon cancer patients? Newly diagnosed colon cancer patients may be overwhelmed by their experience. Hearing from patients that have been through similar experiences can help new patients through their journey ahead in a healthy and productive manner. ┬áDan Clementi was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer at […]

The Benefits of Taking the Oncotype DX Test

dan clementi

The benefits of taking the Oncotype DX test explained. Dan Clementi had colon cancer surgery in 2010 and his doctor recommended the Oncotype DX test as part of his treatment. “The Oncotype DX test gave me a peace of mind,” he says. It’s been three years since Dan’s surgery and he is not showing any […]

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