Advice for Patients Recently Diagnosed with Colon Cancer


Gloria says if patients have a more positive approach to life and treatment they will have a higher quality of life. “Find reasons to be grateful,” advises Gloria. She has undergone over 54 rounds of chemotherapy, ten rounds of radiation, and three surgical procedures since being diagnosed with colon cancer in 2010 at age 28. […]

Living with Stage Four Colon Cancer


Just looking at her, you would never guess that Gloria Borges is living with stage four colon cancer. She is lively, energetic, and to-the-point. Only a few years ago she was working her way up in her law firm with long hours and heavy cases. But when she was 28, she began feeling symptoms that […]

Diagnosed with Stage Four Colon Cancer


Gloria Borges has a much higher quality of life than was expected after being diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. She attributes much of her progress to having positive attitude and maintaining an aggressive approach to battling her cancer. Gloria is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of┬áThe Wunder Project, whose mission is to fund research […]

Life During the Treatment of Stage Four Colon Cancer


Gloria Borges had a long battle with her colon cancer. Here she discusses the types of changes she needed to make during her treatment. Gloria Borges made many lifestyle changes to increase the likelihood of a healthy recovery. She completely cut all animal proteins from her diet based on evidence that links meat consumption to […]

How the Treatment for Colon Cancer is Different from Other Cancers

Dr. Tomislav Dragovich Colon Cancer

A lot of people believe that cancer is only one disease and so the treatment is always the same. That is not the case. Dr. Tomislav Dragovich discusses the different treatments for colon cancer and some side effects that are specific to colon cancer treatment. “Many people come with an impression that cancer is one […]

Healthy Habits During Chemotherapy

Dr. Tomislav Dragovich Colon Cancer

Dr. Tomislav Dragovich shares some strategies for keeping healthy through chemotherapy. Changes in diet and routine can be very beneficial for patients. “Chemotherapy is an intense and quite often prolonged treatment, so let’s talk about some of the things patients can do to stay healthy during that period of time,” Dr. Tomislav Dragovich says. He […]


Dr. Tomislav Dragovich Colon Cancer

Some methods of chemotherapy treatment requires the use of a port-a-cath. Dr. Tomislav Dragovich explains what these devices are and what life is like wearing one. Port-a-caths are used often for extended chemotherapy treatment. Port-a-catheters are portable catheters that create an easy intravenous access for patients and health care professionals. These catheters allow patients to […]

What Are the Goals of Colon Cancer Treatment?

Dr. Tomislav Dragovich Colon Cancer

The goal of any cancer treatment is to be cancer free. Dr. Tomislav Dragovich discusses what to expect after colon cancer treatment is completed. What happens after treatment of colorectal cancer treatment is completed. Dr. Tomislav Dragovic explains that it is very important to determine the right way to survey and follow patients in order […]

Effects of Vitamins and Supplements on Chemotherapy


What are the effects of vitamins, supplements, and alternative therapies on patients undergoing chemotherapy? Dr. Tomislav Dragovich discusses some things to look out for with your treatment. Are you considering alternative medications during your colon cancer treatment? How do vitamins and supplements interact with chemotherapy? Dr. Tomislav Dragovich briefly offers some thoughts to take into […]

Advice from Colon Cancer Survivor Marc Rowley

Marc Rowley Colon Cancer

Marc Rowley gained a lot of insight as a colon cancer patient and shares his advice to newly diagnosed patients in this video. “Find a doctor you can trust, that you like, that can answer your questions,” Marc says. “You’ve gotta like your doctor.” He also says a positive attitude is vital. “I never thought […]

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