How the Oncotype DX Test Helps Patients and Doctors

stage ii colon cancer treatment

How do patients benefit from the Oncotype DX test? The Oncotype DX test has become a great asset in the fight against colon cancer. The test measures a group of cancer genes in tumors. This information helps doctors predict how the cancer will react to various treatments. Knowledge is power when it comes to treating […]

Colon Cancer Treatment Options


How do you choose your colon cancer treatment options? Dave Maret was diagnosed with stage two colon cancer at the age of 66. He was taken aback by all the colon cancer treatment options his doctors told him were available. It’s easy to get lost in all the medical jargon. His wife was diagnosed with […]

Oncotype DX Test: When Should Newly Diagnosed Patients Have It?


The Oncotype DX Test helps colon cancer patients and their physicians, decide on the right treatment for their specific case. In this video, Dr. Kozloff talks about newly diagnosed colon cancer patients and when they should consider having the The Oncotype DX Test. Mark F. Kozloff, MD:  Oncotype DX can help both the patient, as […]

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