What Should I Know About Colon Polyps?

colon cancer polyps

Colon polyps are something nearly everyone will face. Many people wonder about the link between colon polyps and colon cancer. However, polyps are something nearly everyone will face. The development of colon polyps are considered a natural part of aging, though the number of them is generally a result of genetics. Colon polyps are generally […]

What are the Signs of Colon Cancer?

signs of colon cancer

Colon cancer is a slow growing disease with limited early symptoms. Colon cancer is a disease whose symptoms do not often show until the disease is in its later stages. This is one of the many reasons that colonoscopy screening is so important. Through colonoscopy, signs of colon cancer that have no outward symptoms can […]

How Polyps are Related to Colon Cancer


What is the relationship between colon polyps and colon cancer? It is common for people to develop colon polyps. 50% of men and 40% of women at age 50 already have polyps in their colon. Though 99% of these growths will be cancer free, there is a relationship between colon polyps can colon cancer. Polyps […]

Do Polyps Increase Colon Cancer Risk?

Dr. Kim Colon Cancer Answers

Polyps are often found during a colonoscopy, but what do they mean for your risk of colon cancer? Dr. Kim explains the different types of polyps and how they relate to colon cancer risk. George P. Kim, MD: Polyps certainly raise the risk or increase the risk of developing colon cancer. There are several types […]

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