Weighing the Benefits of Chemotherapy


What are the benefits of chemotherapy? Feeling uneasy about having to do chemotherapy? Wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are? You’re not alone. Some patients don’t need chemotherapy while others do. There are a number of factors that doctors look at to determine your treatment path. Dr. Kelly Shimabukuro sheds some light on these factors […]

What Are Colon Cancer Risk Factors?

Dr. Kim Colon Cancer Answers

There are many risk factors associated with colon cancer. Watch this video with expert Dr. George P. Kim to learn more and see if you’re at risk. George P. Kim, MD:  So colon cancer is obviously cancer of the large bowel.  In the United States it’s about 140,000 patients per year and unfortunately about the […]

Do Young People Get Colon Cancer?

Dr. Kim Colon Cancer Answers

Age is a primary risk factor for many cancers and most people get tested for colon cancer based on age alone. How common is colon cancer for people under the recommended colon cancer screening age of 40? Learn the answer in this video with Dr. George P. Kim. George P. Kim, MD:  Colon cancer under […]

Does Gender Affect Colon Cancer Risk?

Dr. Kim Colon Cancer Answers

Colon cancer affects men and women at different rates. Learn the difference of risk between genders in this video with Dr. George P. Kim. George P. Kim, MD: Gender does influence colon cancer risk as males are at higher risk than females.  The numbers are somewhere for females 35 out of 100,000 and for males about […]

Reducing Risk of Colon Cancer

Dr. Kim Colon Cancer Answers

Many factors are considered risks for colon cancer, including sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and the foods we eat. Dr. Kim explains some steps to take in order to reduce risk of colon cancer. George P. Kim, MD: There are some approaches and lifestyle changes that can affect your risk for colon cancer. Certainly if you’re a […]

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