Using the Recurrence Score to Determine Treatment Options


How do you use the recurrence score when choosing treatment options? Patients want all the facts they can get before making decision about their colon cancer treatment options. A patient’s recurrence score is a vital piece of information for doctors. Oncotype DX is a diagnostic test for patients who have been recently diagnosed with stage […]

Positive Biopsy after Colonoscopy: What’s Next?


What happens after a positive biopsy after a colonoscopy? Patients with positive biopsy results after colonoscopy likely want to know what is next. That depends on the type of cancer you are dealing with. Every cancer is different and requires a different treatment. Dr. Mark Gimbel describes what to expect after a positive colon cancer […]

Keeping Up the Fight Against Colon Cancer


What drives you to keep up the fight against colon cancer? David Dubin is a two time colon cancer survivor and founder of Alive and Kickn, an organization helping to spread awareness about the disease. David is very familiar with the disease since both his father and grandfather were afflicted with it. He has three […]

Doctor Found Adenoma During Colonoscopy, Now What?

Dr. Farshid Dayyani Colon Cancer Answers

Not everything a doctor finds during a colonoscopy means colon cancer. An adenoma is one of these examples. Dr. Dayyani explains what an adenoma is, why it’s important that your doctor finds it, and how it relates to colon cancer. “Almost all colon cancers will develop through a stage of a few cells that you […]

Colonoscopy Preparation & Helpful Tips

Dr. Farshid Dayyani Colon Cancer Answers

Many patients dread a colonoscopy but come away from the experience feeling that the preparation for the colonoscopy was worse than the procedure itself. However, the preparation for the colonoscopy is extremely important. Dr. Farshid Dayyani discusses what to expect from the preparation, how important it is, and some helpful tips. The standard screening procedure […]

CDC’s Involvement in Controlling Colon Cancer

CDC Medical Director Colorectal Cancer Control Program

Did you know that the Center for Disease Control is an active participant in colon cancer awareness and prevention? In this video, the CDC’s Dr. Djenaba Joseph explains their different campaigns to encourage people to get screened for colon cancer, as well as their efforts in colon cancer research. Djenaba A. Joseph, MD: The CDC […]

Do Young People Get Colon Cancer?

Dr. Kim Colon Cancer Answers

Age is a primary risk factor for many cancers and most people get tested for colon cancer based on age alone. How common is colon cancer for people under the recommended colon cancer screening age of 40? Learn the answer in this video with Dr. George P. Kim. George P. Kim, MD:  Colon cancer under […]

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