Will All Colon Cancer Patients Need Chemotherapy?

colon cancer chemotherapy

Is It True That All Colon Cancer Patients Need Chemotherapy? Many of our viewers have asked us about treatments for colon cancer at it’s different stages. We met with the Associate Professor of Oncology from the Mayo Clinic College Dr. George Kim to help explain the stages of colon cancer and if all colon cancer […]

Colon Cancer Diagnosis Story: Marc Rowley

Marc Rowley Colon Cancer

Being diagnosed with colon cancer was a huge shock to Marc Rowley, who was only 32 when he was diagnosed after experiencing painful stomach issues. He shares his diagnosis story with us, including having to argue with his doctor about needing a colonoscopy. “I was feeling ill, having issues with bowel movements. About ten minutes […]

Colon Cancer Treatment Decisions: What Are They Based On?


Colon cancer expert Mark Kozloff, MD, explains how cancer treatment decisions are made based on the clinical stage and modern testing practices. Mark F. Kozloff, MD: Once the diagnosis of colon cancer is made, one does clinical staging and what should do besides the colonoscopy, you have the CAT scan with physical exam, blood test, […]

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