What to Look for in a Colon Cancer Surgeon?

colon cancer surgeon

Dr. Mark Gimbel discusses what to look for in a colon cancer surgeon. It almost goes without saying that choosing a colon cancer surgeon is an important decision. Of course any colon cancer surgeon has the technical skills to get the job done but it is also important that you trust the surgeon and have an […]

What is the Recovery Time from Colon Cancer Surgery?

colon cancer surgery

Dr. Mark Gimbel breaks down recovery from colon cancer surgery. Surgery is a common route of treatment for many cases of colon cancer. Like many other areas of the medical community, colon cancer surgery has made tremendous strides in the past decade. In the past, open surgery was generally the only option. But many patients […]

How is Brachytherapy Used to Treat Colon Cancer?


Brachytherapy treatment for colon cancer explained. Brachytherapy, or the treatment of cancer by the insertion of radioactive implants directly into the tissue, is generally only used in very specialized cases in colon cancer. For example, if  during surgert a surgeon has to remove some of the disease from another organ during surgery and feels that the […]

Colon Cancer Surgical Risks

Colon Cancer Surgery Risks

Learn about the risks associated with the various types of colon cancer surgeries from surgical oncologist Mark Gimbel. Pain, bleeding, and infection are amongst the risks covered in this video. Dr. Mark Gimbel:  The risks for colon surgery are pretty standard and I usually tell all my patients the same risks.  Anytime you cut the […]

Colorectal Cancer Surgery Types & Factors


Different colorectal cancer sites of origin dictate the type of surgery patients need to undergo during treatment, according to colorectal cancer expert Mark Kozloff, MD. Learn about the different surgery types and how surgeons determine which is best for a particular colon cancer patient. Mark F. Kozloff, MD: The surgery for colorectal cancer will differ […]

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